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Founded in 2001 by John Shobbrook, the SROF's founding client was the NASA-funded Muhlenberg College remote-robotic observatory. Since then we've been hosting national research, universities and amateur telescopes from around the globe. 

Our campus is located adjacent to the Anglo-Australian Telescope facility in the heart of the Warrambungle Dark Sky Park.

The facility enjoys what are considered to be some of the best skies in Australia, the status of which was recently placed into law as part of the recognition of the significance of the location for its scientific value and natural beauty. 

Typical weather and atmospheric conditions:

Bortle 1-2 skies (21.5-22 MPSAS depending on season)

1-2 arc-seconds seeing (subject to weather)

70%+ clear nights annually

An on-site caretaker facility enables quick and easy access to customer equipment and provides an added degree of peace-of-mind for remote users.

The site is connected to the state power grid but also features a 10kW solar generation capability enabling the SROF to be completely self-sufficient while also reducing the carbon footprint of the facility.

Internet connectivity to the site is provided through a mix of satellite, 4G and microwave communications to provide true diversity and ensure our customers can almost always gain access to their instruments as and when they desire.

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